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Boutique Advisor
March 30, 2021 at 5:00 PM
by Fred Cordova III

In the age of information where data is readily accessible by anyone and transaction platforms claim global access to buyers and sellers, does selecting the best broker to sell your property really matter? Does good brokerage really add value anymore?

If the answer is “yes”, does it apply equally to all transactions, or is there a discernible difference between selling a triple net Starbucks on a 20 year lease in a great location vs. a 40 year old multi-tenant 500,000 square foot office building in a secondary market that is 30% vacant in a weak submarket.

The answer should be obvious, but the real question that should be asked is “what problem are you trying to solve”. Selecting the right capital markets advisor / broker depends on how you view that question and what results are needed.

Here are a few questions that should be considered:

  1. Assignment - What is the challenge and what are the key measurements of success?
  2. Client - Does the broker understand the true needs of the client, not just the client’s “desires”
  3. Team - does the broker have the right team with the necessary product knowledge, capital markets expertise, transactional experience, analytical tools and skills, buyer transparency and engagement, market pricing prescience, creativity, organization commitment and time to properly execute the assignment.
  4. Vision - What is the broker’s vision for the property to optimize its service delivery potential and craft a compelling and defensible investment thesis that will drive pricing?
  5. Positioning - Does the broker have the skills and analytical tools necessary to position the property to target buyers with a sound business plan?
  6. Marketing - Does the broker have a customized marketing plan that is designed to identify, engage and qualify prospective buyers.
  7. Buyer Engagement - Does the broker have a deep understanding of the strategic buyer and their underwriting dynamics and how to keep them engaged and active in pursuit of the property?
  8. Risk Management - Does the broker have a proven transaction process and analytical tools to achieve accurate initial market price discovery and effectively evaluate and compare buyer proposals and underwriting to mitigate price and transaction risk?
  9. PSA & Closing – Does the broker have deep knowledge of every aspect of a Purchase and Sale Agreement and can provide detailed negotiation guidance on the PSA to maintain seller leverage and control throughout the transaction process to achieve a closing on time and at the PSA price.
  10. Conflicts - Does the broker have any conflicting priorities or agenda that would compromise putting the assignment, property and client before said agenda.