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Does your real estate investment advisor "IMPACT ALPHA?"
April 2, 2021 at 6:00 PM
by Fred B. Cordova III

As it appears that the Covid-19 pandemic may begin to come under control and investors looking to preserve their equity begin to “cull the heard”, they are faced with a very important and impactful decision; Who to select to help sell their properties? In the age of information where submarket data and global access to buyers and sellers is readily accessible by anyone for free or a modest fee, does selecting a brokerage firm with the biggest international platform and brand name really optimize results? Now that technology has accelerated the service delivery model of commercial real estate advisors and established a relatively level playing field, do scale and brand alone deliver materially better results, or does it take more?

The real question that should be asked is: “What problem are you trying to solve?” Selecting the right capital markets advisor depends on how you deconstruct that question to consider what results are desired and determine how to achieve them.

Owners and lenders are finding that hiring a highly skilled boutique advisor with the experience, tools, and expertise to execute the assignment with laser focus on what is best for the property and the client and without conflicting priorities, who can work solo, or team with one of the major brands may be a better solution to I.M.P.A.C.T. A.L.P.H.A.

The best advisor (or advisory team) will have:

  • Insight to understand the opportunity and your key measurements for success.
  • Marketing expertise and resources to create a customized marketing plan and process that will identify, qualify, and engage prospective buyers.
  • Positioning creativity, analytical skills, and pricing prescience to craft a compelling and defensible investment thesis that will drive pricing.
  • Activation power to identify and generate interest from strategic buyers and provide transparency throughout the process to keep them engaged and competitive.
  • Congruence with the needs and culture of your organization to help you manage the transaction process for optimum results.
  • Transactional experience and analytical expertise with the product, location, submarket, and investment thesis to produce a valuation model that generates alpha results.
  • Accountability to commit the time and resources in due diligence discovery and pricing assessment necessary to understand and address transaction risk prior to going to market.
  • Leverage acumen to provide you with expert guidance throughout the buyer selection, contract negotiation and pendency of the transaction to help you maintain control until closing.
  • Perspective to understand the impact that external influences such as capital markets, entitlements, design, development, proptech, innovation, health & wellness, ESG, carbon neutrality and politics can impact execution and pricing
  • Have Game with a proven transaction process that will achieve accurate initial market price discovery and effectively and clearly evaluate and compare buyer offer terms, qualifications and underwriting to mitigate price and transaction risk
  • Alignment with your priorities and no conflicts that would compromise your agenda or level of success

Corion Enterprises is a boutique commercial real estate investment advisor with broad product expertise specializing in highly customized transaction and advisory services.

We I.M.P.A.C.T A.L.P.H.A. and consistently exceed client expectations.