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Home 4 Today Foundation
Home 4 Today Foundation acts as a coalition for home sharing in Los Angeles County by connecting displaced individuals and families with homeowners to meet short-term housing needs.

An Old Problem
Every night in Los Angeles, over 30,000 people fall asleep in their cars or on a couch — on the verge of homelessness. Many are employed, have children, are fleeing domestic abuse, or having temporary financial challenges such as recently unemployed, medical challenges, college students without means or people suffering from natural disasters.

These are our neighbors, and we are a community of caring Angelenos who can make a difference.

A New Solution

The mission of Home 4 Today Foundation (a Federal Charitable Foundation under Section 501c3 of the Tax Code ID: 168-0797) is to unlock the existing inventory of thousands of spare bedrooms in Los Angeles County and create a support system of like-minded citizens who are willing to share their abundance and their homes, life experience, guidance and encouragement.

Through our website platform in partnerships with local service agencies, Home 4 Today be a coalition and incubator for a home sharing program in Los Angeles that will enable home owners ("Hosts") to be compensated for providing short term bridge housing for neighbors in need ("Guests"). The system will be economical, scalable, and ensure the safety of Hosts and Guests.

Join Our Founder's Circle
You can be part of something very special by joining the
H4TF Founder's Circle of donors.

This group of visionary supporters have made a one-time contribution to crucial start-up components including: legal, insurance, risk management, partnership coordination, and web/app development. Please visit our website at below to learn more and how you can make a tax deductible donation to change the future for your neighbors.

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