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Glow Park is Glowing!
April 14, 2023 at 2:00 PM
by Fred B. Cordova III
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Governor Jared Polis of Colorado recently announced the launch of Glo Park, an ambitious initiative aimed at driving innovation in renewable energy technologies and reducing carbon emissions. The project is set to be the future of energy innovation, helping to sustain the planet for future generations.

To bring this vision to life, Lu Cordova, Director, Global Energy Park, was appointed to head up the project, supported by a team of over two dozen stakeholders and advisors. After a rigorous selection process, NexCore/Hatch was chosen as the developer of the project.

Corion, a leading consulting firm, played an integral role in the realization of the project. The company worked closely with the state of Colorado, NexCore, and other stakeholders to envision the project, select the developer, and negotiate the development agreement.

Glo Park aims to create a hub of innovation and collaboration for the development of sustainable and renewable energy technologies. The project will bring together experts from diverse fields such as engineering, science, and policy to collaborate and develop solutions that will drive a more sustainable energy future.

The project is an important step towards reducing carbon emissions and addressing climate change. It will provide a platform for researchers and innovators to develop new technologies and solutions to address the energy challenges of the future.

Glo Park will feature cutting-edge facilities and infrastructure to support research, development, and testing of new energy technologies. The project will also include education and outreach programs to promote public awareness and understanding of renewable energy technologies.

The state of Colorado has long been a leader in renewable energy, and the launch of Glo Park will reinforce its commitment to a sustainable energy future. The project has the potential to create new jobs, attract investment, and drive economic growth in the region.

The launch of Glo Park is an exciting development in the field of renewable energy, and its success will be crucial in achieving a sustainable energy future. The collaboration between the state of Colorado, NexCore/Hatch, and Corion demonstrates the importance of partnership and innovation in driving positive change.

Our work with Glo Park is an example of what Corion can do that is truly unique to other service providers. Our visionary development skills and insights coupled with deep expertise in real estate strategy, operational performance and both institutional and private capital transactions make Corion uniquely qualified in commercial real estate to make what may seem impossible, eminently possible.

- Fred Cordova, CEO & Founder, Corion Enterprises

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